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Judy Watt


Picture of Lash Expression founder
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Picture of Judy and her daughter

Judy Watt, founder of Lash Expressions Salon and Lashes and Leadership Academy is a successful, driven business woman. A busy mother of 3, Judy is always on the go! She balances family, life and business. A graduate of Slippery Rock University with studies in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Psychology; she needed more.... During her eight years in law enforcement, she fell in love with having eyelash extensions applied. The lashes were empowering and confidence building. Her passion for helping others was shifted from her years in law enforcement to making women feel more confident and beautiful in the beauty world. In 2015, Lash Expressions was created! 

Judy's vision didn't stop with a lash salon that provided a relaxing and comfortable experience. It was also clear that she needed to offer the best products! While there are a lot of great lash products, Judy felt it was important to research and study the ingredients, engineering and quality. After working closely with manufacturing companies, trying samples, having the samples made to her specifications, she created products she is proud of!  The superior products are the only products used in Lash Expressions salons today!

After years of testing by our own lash artists, in depth tracking of product performance, customer satisfaction and overall quality, Judy is happy to announce she has launched her product line, available nationwide.  Lash artists around the country can benefit from the years of research & development, passion & sacrifice, to be confident they are receiving the best products for their customers.  Using the best products to empower women has always been the driving force behind Judy's die hard mission to create the best products available.

With every lash applied, you can be confident that Lash Expressions stand behind their products. Lash Expressions' expertise of creating and development raises the bar to exceed lash and beauty industry standards.

Welcome to your one stop shop for all your lash needs!

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